4.2.23- J-pouch Part One, The Ideal Pouch: Ideal Design and Technical Concerns w/ Dr. Schwartzberg

David Schwartzberg, MD is an assistant professor of surgery in the IBD center/division of colorectal surgery at Columbia University Medical Center in New York. He completed his general surgery residency at NYU Langone and his colorectal fellowship at The Cleveland Clinic Ohio, followed by an additional fellowship at NYU’s IBD Center for complex reoperative surgery and redo pouch surgery. He has written multiple book chapters and articles on IBD, ileal pouches and corrective surgery for failing pouches, and participates in numerous colorectal & IBD committees for national and local societies. He is also on multiple committees for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation and has a passion for patient education and medical education. He is a native New Yorker with a wife and 3 sons.

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